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Friday, February 18, 2011

My Sisters Adorable Breakfast in Bed

I think this is quite simply one of the sweetest/ cutest/ most adorable things ever. My 25 year old sis makes her boyfriend breakfast in bed all the time. Ok, she flat out spoils him. It is the most simple breakfast ever and is savory and yummy.

All you need is a fresh morning croissant stuffed into a muffin tin. Next scoop out a bit of the insides, places a slice of jambon (ham) inside and crack an egg over the top. Plop this into the oven for a good few minutes and finally top with a quick sprinkling of fleur de sel and pepper and Voila! She then melts some good quality chocolate and mixes it into some milk and has a 10 minute little gourmet meal for her lovie! Cute right? Just makes you want to pinch her little 25 year old cheeks. Looks great on her beautiful Missoni bedding too doesn't it?

Want a bite?

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