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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Paris Champagne Tasting Class

It's no secret that the French love their wine and in Paris a glass at 5-7€ can be cheaper than water! Wine is a fundamental part of life in France. To me it embodies all the things I ADORE about this country-their relentless standards of quality, tradition and joie de vivre!

It's not surprising that foreigners around the world admire the gorgeous, elegant, perfectly balanced and sophisticated wines of France. Yet, for many of these visitors french wine can be rather intimidating as it's marketed so differently. 

In France you can't order via "cepage" ie Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cab. You have to trust the french and their blends while at the same time understanding region, grape, vintage and of course the magical "terroir"! If you want a Pinot you need to know to order a gorgeous glass from Burgundy. If you're in the mood for a Merlot you can get a nice glass of Saint Emilion Bordeaux, etc. The same is true for Champagnes. If you want something rather complex and well aged you should order a Millesime (2004 and 2006 are GREAT right now in 2014 as they've aged 8-10 years). If you want something bright and fresh to go with oysters or shellfish choose a Blanc de Blanc. The act of navigating through a french wine list without knowing these various factors can be rather dauntingLuckily we are here to help. Our team specializes in champagnes and we teach you how to choose a bottle, analyze bubbles, color and complexity and of course the correct and easy way to open a bottle. We essentially demystify champagne! 

We regularly welcome guest for a Paris champagne tasting class and help you taste large and small producers Champagne while pairing these with gorgeous cheeses, crackers, fruit and spreads! 

During our time together we teach you how small producer champagne is able to deliver so much more complexity, depth, and flavor than you would ever find in the champagne of large producers of the world (such as Moet, Pommery, Veuve Clicquot, etc) which produce 10-30 million bottles a year! These small producers put their hearts and souls into creating truly fantastic champagne and for prices between 17-35€ euro a bottle it really can not be beat! We teach you how to drink it and how to find it!

Tasting in a gorgeous Parisian flat or cave

We either taste 3 cuvees from 1 producer or 1 Large producer, 1 Small and 1 Rose
Relaxing before the tasting
Analyzing the cheeses and champagenes!
Check it out! 
Here is a little snapshot below of what we will offer. 

This Paris champagne tasting class is 70€ per person and is the perfect class for anyone interested in champagne with a desire to learn more. While tasting 3 different cuvees from 3 different producers, we will show clients the differences in small producer champagne, enlighten their palate and introduce them to champagne with great complexity and nice depths. We will teach you how to find flavors such as: white flowers, agrumes (lemons, grapefruits), toasted almonds, ripe summer fruits, etc.

We will essentially help clients undercover the mystery of Champagne without leaving Paris. You will learn which grapes are used in champagne. You will also be able to purchase the champagne you tried for 20-35€ a bottle. If you are a cheese lover than we offer a champagne class with cheese for 85€ and with lunch for 100€. 

Below are more details or contact Tasty Side To Life Tours Here at http://tastysidetolifetours.com/Tasty_Side_to_Life_Tours/Contact.html.

70,00€ (85€ with cheese pairing or 100€ with 3 course lunch)
(price per person)
Duration: 1.5 Hours, 2-2.5 hrs with cheese or lunch
Number of Champagnes sampled: 3 including one large Producer
Operating Days: Daily
Start Time: 11am or 5pm
Where?: 6th Arrondissement in a beautiful Parisian apartment
Near?: Place St Michel
(address will be sent after the booking)
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