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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Les Crayerès-Gastronomy in Reims

Ahh... who wouldn't want to stroll into this palace and discover "the art and science of good eating" through savoring a meal here? I think that I could eat here everyday but I worry if my little American stomach could get used to the richness of foie gras. I have eaten so much of it the last few weeks (on honey toast, on baguette, surrounded by apples, etc.) that I think surprisingly my stomach has slowly developed a tolerance for this indulgence :) I had an amazing meal here, at the Brasserie of Les Crayeres, (not far from the Pommery Champagne house) a few Sundays ago and wanted to post some pictures. A 2 course meal for 28 euro at the very nice Brassierie of a 2 Michelin Star restaurant is not bad at all in my book.

The architectural design of the interior of the restaurant was nice with a huge open kitchen and intricate metal rustic lighting. The waiters synchronized both the placement and timing of each dish as they whimsically placed them down before us (which I have to admit does have a certain degree of lure to it). Lastly the food and artistry of the plate was superb. Each dish was engineered with creative precision: first an artistic brush of sauce surrounding the edge of the plate infiltrated with small delicately placed pieces of parsley and rock salt- then in the center a square block of foie gras on top of a bed of warm lentils served along side a tiny pitcher of gravy which the waiter poured after placing the dish on the table before us. Ahh delicious. This was followed by a breast of duck over a bed of fig compote and warm jus and accompanied by a small glass terrine of creamy mashed potatoes. With a few glasses of Champagne expect to be left satisfied and having paid around 5o Euro. I will return... Next week maybe I can convince my MBA business plan French teammates, Thibault and Christophe, to meet there? We shall see... but either way I would like to make Les Crayeres a monthly tradition.

Boulevard Henry Vasnier
51100 Reims, France
+33 3 26 24 90 00
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