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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2 Trips i'm DYING to take. Seriously, are these places even real?!

Trip 1- Bavaria- Southern Germany

The "romantic road" which yes sounds a bit cliche looks incredible and I'm itching to go. Look at the pictures below. Apparently you can drive along the ancient trade route which was used during the middle ages and pass through Southern German countryside, walled cities and picturesque villages while seeing gothic cathedrals, medieval festivals and actual fairytale like castles like Neuschwanstein in the Alps (what Disney's Sleeping Beauty was framed after). Along the way you can eat crunchy pork roast with crackling, potato dumplings, spatzle noodles, squerkraut, and homemade pilsner that comes with every meal. Soooo coooooool.

Trip 2- Croatia

I've wanted to go here for a while because in the US Croatia seems to be the new "trendy" destination spot right now. After looking at these pictures I definitely get it. Croatia has 1778 km of coastline and after spending over 90 days of winter stuck in a little town in France-too far from the sea and surrounded by gray skies, I could definitely use some coastline, glistening ocean, rocky coves and ridiculous waterfalls! I also would not mind eating Croatian specialities like Air dried ham (similar to proscitto) and sheep's cheese from Pag, Octupus salad with potato, onion, parsley and lemon juice, black risotto made from cuttlefish ink, goulash, roast lamb and drinking Croatian wine.

Some of the pics below are from the Plitvice Lakes National Park- UNESCO World Hertiage Site btwn Zagreb and Zadar (sounds like Starwars names...hmmmm). Here there are 16 lakes which are connected through a series of waterfalls in a deep wooded area filled with deers, bears, wolves and boars. It's 300 Km wide and you can actually sleep in the park in one of the three hotels or 500 camping sites. Look at this one... Incredible.


If I'm fortunate enough to make it here I would even consider camping :)

Below is actually a lake in Slovenia.
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