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Friday, April 28, 2017

One of the Top 3 Restaurants in Reims-Le Foch!

Fine Dining at Le Foch in Reims France - Travel - @lacegraceblog1

A food and lifestyle blogger Tara came out on a private champagne tour with us this Spring and blogged about her lunch at the fabulous Michelin star Le Foch!

Her day with us at Tasty Side To Life Tours included a pickup at Le Foch, an afternoon tour from 1:30pm- 6:30pm with a visit to the UNESCO caves of Champagne Pommery with a tasting of 3 cuvees (where we taught Tara how to smell, compare bubbles size and complexity, look at color, remark on tasting notes and mouth finish) as well as a drive through the gorgeous countryside to do a tasting and tour with rare grower Champagne Bernard Pertois in the famous Grand Cru village of Mesnil sur Oger- where Krug is located.

In our opinion, Le Foch, is hands down one of the top 3 restaurants to eat at in Reims! The other two we love are L'Assiette champenoise and Les Crayeres le Parc or le Jardin. We are re-posting her article below. Be sure to check out her blog http://laceandgraceblog.com which is the best!

Fine Dining at Le Foch in Reims, France

Friday, April 14, 2017
Fine Dining at Le Foch in Reims, France - Travel - @lacegraceblog1
The journey continues on our Day tour with Tasty Side to Life Tours. Next it was time for some fine dining at Le Foch in Reims France. We had worked up quit an appetite exploring the town and visiting the Reims Cathedral (recap here) and were ready for some delicious and innovative grub!
Le Foch is known for its delicious French cuisine and even has an 1 Michelin Star rating! it is centrally located in Reims, not far from the train station and has beautiful modern decor. 
We went with the pre-fix 3 course lunch of:

First Course:

Brandade with Curry, Beets and Fresh Herbs. I loved this dish. The curry paired perfectly with the fish and the beets were a nice alternative to a traditional ‘bread’ sandwich. 

Second Course:

Rabbit in Cream Curcima Sauce (Mom ordered a vinaigrette salad with stripe fish and capers). I have had rabbit probably only a few other times in life and I was a bit weary to try it again. (because you know.. bunnies are cute) The sauce was delectable. 

Third Course:

Creme a l’arabica, sorbet , cacao. This was a chocolate like creme sorbet. All I can say is wow. So so good!

To our surprise, after each course, we were brought an additional small dish as a transition from one dish to another. My favorite had to be the amazing ‘chocolate milkshake’ served with a small almond pound cake. It was absolutely amazing. Another favorite small bite was the Tuna Tartar. 
The service was unsurpassed by any other establishment I have ever been to. The waiter was very helpful in explaining each dish on the menu (which was all in French of course) and brought each dish not too quickly (I hate that) or too late and re-set the place settings each time.
This is definitely  a fine dining establishment and so worth the visit when in Reims and on the Tour of Champagne with Tasty Side to Life Tours!
After our meal was complete, our driver, Pascal, was waiting for us to start our Champagne Tour!
Check out some photos of our delicious meal below! Make sure you come back soon to see all about our 1st Champagne stop at Pommery!
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Fine Dining at Le Foch in Reims France - Travel - @lacegraceblog1Fine Dining at Le Foch in Reims France - Travel - @lacegraceblog1Fine Dining at Le Foch in Reims France - Travel - @lacegraceblog1Fine Dining at Le Foch in Reims France - Travel - @lacegraceblog1Fine Dining at Le Foch in Reims France - Travel - @lacegraceblog1Fine Dining at Le Foch in Reims France - Travel - @lacegraceblog1Fine Dining at Le Foch in Reims France - Travel - @lacegraceblog1Fine Dining at Le Foch in Reims France - Travel - @lacegraceblog1
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