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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Top 10 Best Restaurants in Reims- including the most gorgeous champagne picnic

Anyone dreaming that it is already spring and you're picnicking in champagne? We'll, we are. As we watch this polar vortex sweep across the midwest we're thinking a number of you might be too. I mean wouldn't you rather be here overlooking that view? We would always rather be here!

Our favorite thing to do in champagne, other than of course drinking champagne, is to go to one of the farmers markets in champagne and then have a picnic in Hautvilles in a secret spot behind Dom Perignon's church! We can bring you here if you need help with a driver/ guide.

The best farmers markets are on Tuesday, Thrs, Saturday and Sunday. Our favorite is Saturday at Halle Saint-Thibault in Epernay. It's this gorgeous covered old railway station and it has 50 or so vendors and everything is so fresh, delicious and perfect! I'll do a separate post on farmers markets in champagne so you have the whole list of what we can bring you to on a champagne tour. If I had it I would always have a guide to help you point out all the best super regional stuff to buy ie- pate en croute, jambon de reims, mousseux de boeuf, cheeses like chaource, langres and comte, fraises de bois or wild strawberries from the forest, etc, etc.

Having a picnic in champagne is truly one of our favorite things to do on a champagne tour (if you're in the region April- Oct). Other than a picnic, below are our top 10 favorite lunches in champagne. Ok, we snuck in an 11th, was too hard to resist.

If you want a driver and guide to help bring you on a tour contact us, here

Top 10 Best Restaurants in Reims or Champagne 

1) Les Crayeres Le Parc- 2 stars and 69€ menu for 3 courses. OUi, oui, oui
2) La Briqueterie- sit outside surrounded by their Rose Garden
3) Picnic overlooking the vines in Hautvillers
4) L'assiette Champenoise-major splurge 3 stars, rich, divine and so special
5) Le Grand cerf- 1 star adore
6) Les Avises- eat like the locals do! Drink Selosse
7) Le Royal or Racine
8) Les Crayeres le Jardin- Their steak and french fries are AMAZING
9) Symbiose - most beautiful bistro in Epernay
10) Le Foch- Michelin star
** Ok we had to... here's an 11) La Cave a Champagne or Au 36 - both fab for groups!

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