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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Beautiful Crab Millefeuille with Edible Flowers

Despite the fact that it is early February I still feel like spring is right around the corner! Am I being optimistic? Perhaps but my new "thing" is edible flowers. I personally am of the thinking that there is nothing like the beauty, simplicity and soft pastel color punch that comes along with the addition of gorgeous fresh edible flowers. I yearn to use them to finish pretty much every single one of my dishes.

One dish that I did just use them for was a Crab Millefeuille-crab, tomato avocado topped with microgreens (otherwise known as a Crab Tower). I finished my millefeuille of course with some edible flowers which i purchased for way too much at le Bon Marche http://www.lagrandeepicerie.fr/(9 euro). PS if your coming to Paris you pretty much HAVE TO stop at the Grand Epercerie. It is a food site to be seen.

This dish is so light ,crisp, refined and beautiful. It really has such a soft and nice flavor and my guest throughly enjoyed it.

How good do these crab towers look below? Adding mango, or substituting ahi for crab and adding plantain chips or asian ingredients could be nice ideas as well. I love, love the deconstructed ahi tartare that Michael Minna makes as well which is the last photo.

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  1. Most incredible dinner I've ever had everyone must try it!!!!!


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