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Sunday, February 6, 2011

French Bastille Market & Home Cooked Sunday Brunch

So, in honor of some friends in town from London we decided to stroll on down to one of the many incredible Sunday markets in Paris to pickup some tasty goodness and bring it back to a friends flat around Bastille to cook.
http://www.guardian.co.uk/travel/2008/nov/28/paris-markets-shopping-trips-france The market, is kind of a great one and it was bustling from its seams this morning and I loved, loved the energy. Also, throughly enjoyed passing by the market at Rue Montogueil as well.

The Rue Richard Lenoir market is known for having hundreds of food stalls and the Rue Richard Lenoir market is very highly acclaimed as it is filled with french gourmet products in over a kilometer of space. I thoroughly enjoyed finding live langoustines, to be able to snack on some lebanese mini sandwiches, choose from over 500 different types of cheese and just do some solid people watching at this little Sunday gem.

After the market, it was time to make some brunch. As most of my American expat friends miss Mexican food daily they decided to make a typical Tex-Mex egg dish consisting of green and red peppers, homemade green chili spicy sauce, slow roasted eggs with fresh cheese from the market and yellow baby tomatoes. This complimented with lots of Sunday wine and cheese left us happy, full and a bit drunk. A perfect little Sunday funday!

I loved this huge display of flowers within the market

The egg dish a friend made chez lui after the market!

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  1. I love home cooked brunch but last Sunday visited a friend’s wedding reception at Seattle convention center. The brunch over there was very delicious and loved it. Will have similar recipes for my wedding too.


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