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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How to Get from the UK to Champagne

While most of my clients so far for the tours I arrange to taste Champagne at private small producers have been Americans I'm wondering why I don't I get more emails from Brits especially when the trip over to France is so easy?! 

If you are British and have a short break, a long holiday or a just a free weekend with nothing to do why not make a little hop skip jump trip to Champagne? In all reality Champagne vineyards are the closest to Britain of all the others in France it is a no brainer to come to this region. Here is a little guide about how to get to Champagne for those coming from the UK. 

1) DRIVE: Reims, champagne's largest city is a 3 hours drive from the UK or the french channel ports. It's a nice drive and the added bonus is that you have your car. Thus, after a day of being driven around and tasting at award winning producers you can take the cases you have just bought and put them in your trunk for the journey back to the UK! 

2) TRAIN: Sitting back and relaxing while the train brings you through the channel is an easy option as well. You can travel from London's St Pancreas under the Channel and arrive at Paris Gare du Nord by the Eurostar. Then either take the 45 min TGV to Reims or Epernay or have your chauffeau for your small producer trip pick you up and bring you to the region. Return train fares from London to Chaumont start at 98 pounds.

3) WHAT TO DO. Drink to your hearts content and hire a chauffeur and a guide who has already researched all the top small producers where you can buy for 13 euro a bottle. Here are a few things to make sure not to miss.

  • REIMS CATHEDRAL- where all the kings of France were crowned, it is breathtaking and in my book even more impressive than Notre Dame

  • SMALL PRODUCER TASTING- Thousands of glorious small producers to see and get to know, taste various cuvees in their living rooms, play with their dogs, and buy Champagne for unbeatable prices! Seeing them is a no brainer

Talking to the Export Manager of a small house in Pierry
Playing with a small producers cute Golden :)
  • DINING AT MICHELIN STAR RESTAURANTS- lots and lots to see and surprisingly quite affordable
Yumm a 38 euro 4 course Michelin Star lunch in the middle of vineyards
  • CHATEAU VIEWING- Les Crayeres is a Chateau/ Hotel in Reims that you should not miss. Stop by for a drink or eat at either one of their restaurants. The Jardin restaurant is less expensive, has a beautiful terrace and is totally affordable. Also, Les Aulnois is a beautiful 16th century Chateau to stay the night in.
Les Aulnois a 16th century old Chateau converted into a beautiful hotel 

Vineyards by the Chateau

The Cheateau's perfectly manicured gardens
  • LARGE PRODUCER VIEWING- It's great to see one large cave while you're in the region. I like Pommery, Veuve Clicquot and Moet and Chandon. I think after one of these tours you are done ie bored of the tour, sick of watching the same corporate video which kicks each one off and ready to drink MORE than one glass of Champagne for 20 euro!! Solution= visit more small producers

    A perfect pour after a Veuve Clicquot large producer tour

Champagne Jacquart Large Producer tour

If you're interested in a trip please email:

Tasty Side To Life Tours
Attn: Sydney Krueger
15 Rue Conservatoire 75009 Paris France

Email: tastysidetolifetours@gmail.com or sydneykrueger@gmail.com

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