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Monday, April 11, 2011

Alaska Adventure

I really want to motivate to make a trip to Alaska this summer and I am lucky enough to have an amazing aunt who lives there thus making the dream a little bit more possible!!  I mean hiking, bald eagles, glacier viewing, followed by picking some wild strawberries and blueberries to head home and have some family time and make a HUGE lemon curd and berry tart sounds amazing to me. As does jumping on a fishing boat, catching some halibut and some Alaskan king crab while hopefully your boat is surrounded by whales like it was the last time I was there.

Would love to catch some King Crab like this and have a boat that comes with a dog :)

If I go and If i can muster the motivation to get on a fishing boat at 3 am when the halibut are feeding I hope I could catch something to cook up. If so, I would prepare the halibut with a simple preparation I learned from my German roommate. Pan roasted with blanched and pealed almonds, a simple wine, shallot and butter sauce and a bit of lemon. Recipe to come...

I wonder how much a Paris-Alaska ticket would be?! Hmmmmm....

I mean don't you kind of want to be on this boat?

And hiking here looks perfect

I'd listen to this little track from talking heads the whole plane ride over and while sizzling up the fish and quickly boiling the crab.


  1. Go Girl Go!!! I've been dreaming of it for 40 years. It's still on my list - and it's the biggest goal I've set for myself since I reached the others, of having a home, three beautiful daughters, three handsome and intelligent sons-in-law and two adorable grandsons! I've made it to California from the East Coast so I'm a wee bit closer now. I have family in Seattle I'm hoping might take me in for a time and maybe I can work my way up!

    But you? Go now - the memories you'll make you can share with your future generations!

    Be blessed.

  2. Alaska is wonderful and adventurous place. These pictures are so good. Thanks. Enjoy alaskan adventure tours with us.


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