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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Birthday Wish List

Here are some things that I would love to get for my birthday.

1. An English Springer Spaniel puppy. I am dying to buy a dog and have a little Parisian playmate. I'd 1000% rip off a piece of baguette and give him a little morceau every single day

2. Adorable Ring "Mignon" with 1 tiny diamond from Lisonia-joaillerie-  or the 5 diamond version. She doesn't have a website yet but she has a few rings and bracelets that are so simple and cute. I wander in there weekly and might just have to buy one of these as a "self" birthday present. The owners are too great young girls.

3. Framed Butterflies - I love the colors of these monarchs from this awesome 155 yr old taxidermy shop, Deyrolle in the 7eme, Paris. I'd also love a huge piece of exotic coral for an entryway

3. Hermes Collier de chien belt et bracelet- I would die for either of these

4. Cocktail classes at the Ritz, Paris- Wouldn't mind being able to make increddddible cocktails and whip out random cocktail skills at dinner parties

5. A piece of Anna Skladmann photography from Little Adults. I love, love her work and a HUGE blown up print looks amazing.

6. One of these underwater prints

7. This little swing necklace by Calourette

8. Some Twins for Peace ballerinas and an Olympia Le -Tan embroidered book bag.

9. A night like the one below with lots of comfy chairs, outside under a tree with a projection of an old movie playing. Wish I could make this happen in Paris...

10. This Beklina tote for weekends in Champagne...i just kind of wish it rolled.

11. A Parisian Japanese tasting menu somewhere. Either at Yen, Bizan, Yam'Tcha with tea pairings, Guilo-Guilo, Kinugawa or Jugetsuo for tea!

12. A secret pass to the Lykke li sold out show the end of April

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