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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wagamama London- Tofu Salad

I have always been a big fan of Wagamama (pan asian inspired noodle house) and I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that they expand to France and SF soon!

In April I went to London for the weekend to meet my friend Renee who had flown 23 hours from Australia. I flew straight to London from a trip to Sweden, Finland and the Arctic circle and was fresh off a 23 hr train ride from the Arctic Circle-Helsinki. At the airport in Helsinki I waited 1.5 hrs in an Easyjet checkin line, took a quick 2 hr. flight to London, scuffled through the Gatwick airport to the train to London, got directions from a quite helpful train employee and eventually hoped on the metro, transfered and finally ended up in Covenant garden feeling like a lost + exhausted dove that had just traveled around the world.

Regardless of my extreme traveling I was thrilled to see my friend Renee and excited to be able to go back to Wagamama after probably 4 years. If you haven't ever heard of Wagamama it is a delicious and fresh noodle house located around the world. They specialize in ramen so if you go you should really order a big bowl of ramen. Yet, I am a huge fan of the fresh squeezed fruit juice because they are incredible.

I had the 1/2 carrott, 1/2 organge but the apple and ginger and raw juice (carrot, cucumber, tomato, orange, apple) are amazing. http://www.wagamama.com/asset/gb/files/location/menus/1268665315_5238%20wuk%20
main%20win3.pdf. Having just eaten Vietnamese in Finland (yup I know it sounds random but it was surprisingly good) I was more in the mood for Edamame and Salad. I had the Wasambi, butternut squash and tofu salad. The salad was made of squash, tofu, mixed greens, beets and avocado with a spicy wasabi dressing. It was really delicious.

If you are in Australia or the UK or any other country where there is a Wagamama I recommend that you go. http://www.wagamama.com/. It's a little corporate"ish" now that they have expanded but a I still think it's a great concept (huge bench like tables, fresh ramen, great spices and waiters which take your order on little electric pads which then goes straight to the kitchen where they fire up your dish).

In London I went to the one by Covenant Garden. I like this area.


- www.wagamama.com
10A Lexington Street, London - 020 7292 0990

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