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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cooking in a kitchen like this?-Melanie Brandman Inspiration

I would die to have a 2nd county home with a kitchen and living room like this (Ok, yes it's true that I have yet to have a "first" home but it does not mean a girl can't dream... I see nothing wrong with optimistically planning your 2nd especially if you were told by a Chinese friend that your palm showed you would retire by the time you were 30!!) .

Anyways, wouldn't this be a great place to cook a big meal for friends during a weekend in the country with jugs of wine, a rich chocolate dessert and maybe picked veggies from your garden out front? I think it is the perfect mix of natural colors, stained pine floor, sharp angles yet still soft and modern. I love the simple stools by the kitchen island and the wild rug for some reason as well.

This is the work of Melanie Brandman, an interior designer who transformed a dark dingy cabin in Livingston NY into a bright and open weekend haven. Check out the article in the NY times.

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  1. Melanie's very fabulous Catskills cabin (aka Amber Lake Cottage) is actually available for rent through my company, www.RedCottageInc.com . So you, too, can live the dream (even if it is just for a long weekend).

    Jennifer Grimes
    Red Cottage Inc.


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