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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Grilled Caesar salad with Homemade Croutons, Parmesan and Dressing.

I love this idea of a grilled Caesar salad. How delicious does this look? Grilled leaves, crunch homemade croutons, huge slices of shaved parmesan, fresh lemon and thick dressing thrown over the top. Yummm...

This is from a great restaurant in Seattle. I know that it seems weird to put romaine on the grill for a few minutes but it really does create great flavor and really pretty charred marks. Be careful when making this at home because it should really only be a hot flame or a bbq for a few seconds. If you leave it on too long the leaves will wilt and this is not pretty or tasty.. believe me!

I also love how the salad is plated. Rather than breaking up Romaine into small bite size pieces try just leaving the lettuce in huge chunks with the great crunchy core exposed! Then cover with huge slices of shaved parmesan, leave a lemon on the plate for peopl and throw some homemade caesar dressing on top.

I think the restaurant is so cute and chic as well. I love the idea of black and white, the soft, white, delicate curtain and the antique chandeliers and the stacked wine.

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