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Sunday, May 23, 2010

My obsession with Japanese Soups

This entire year I have had an obsession with Japanese food. I think after watching Opera's Blue Zone Special http://www.oprah.com/showinfo/Ageless-Living-with-Dr-Oz-Secrets-of-the-Blue-Zone I became even more obsessed with healthy eating and the reasons why people in certain regions of the world (Nicoya Peninsula-Costa Rica, Sardinia- Italy, Loma-Linda-California, Okinawa Japan) live such healthy lives.

Japan is definitely one such area with one of the healthiest diets in the world. Their cuisine is filled mainly with large amounts of veggies, fruits and grains, fish regularly and only small amounts of red meat. This is my favorite way to eat. I also love their mantra " Hara Hachi Bu". This is something they chant before every meal which is essentially a reminder to stop eating when they're 80% full. I think this is an ingenious idea especially as many inAmerican, and even me myself, eat sometimes until we cant move!

Quick+ healthy Japanese Soba noodle soup

1 cube chicken bullion (homemade stock is always preferred if you have time)
1 Tablespoon of fresh diced ginger
1 Leek sliced very thin
1/2 packet of Soba noodles (Japanese Buckwheat noodles)
10 shrimp
6 Cups of water (traditionally this recipe is made with Dashi broth)
-Optional (a few handfuls cooked spinach, Japanese mushrooms, tofu, soy sauce)

Heat the water and the cube of bullion over high heat. Stir often to dissolve the bullion in the broth. Add the ginger and leek to the broth. When broth is boiling add shrimp to broth. Next add soba noodles and cook a few minutes.


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