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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Veggie Pickin' at the Farm in Muizon, France

Ohh the beauty of France and living in the country. Ok.. well usually inevitably everytime I get on the highway and turn the corner to leave glorious Paris to come back to my little homey home (which consists of a small city in the East of France) I get a little depressed to leave big city life. It's like a little gray cloud is perched a few feet above the car and is traveling with us on our journey back to the country. Yet, this last journey I pushed aside my dreary mood and decided to stop to take pictures of the hills and hills of Colza yellow flowers blooming and to stop at a farm 8 km away from Reims to pick our own fruit, veggies and tulips for the week!

It was soo cool to be able to dig up my own huge head of lettuce, some small baby onions, a leek, fresh spinach, handfuls of tulips, pick some beautiful apples from a trough and walk a little too far to the Rhubarb fields.

Let me tell you its not as easy as it looks to get pesky little veggies out of from their home into my shopping bag! At least a few times I pulled with all my might and ended up with half a leaf in my hand and sprawled out on the dirt. Ohh at least not many people were around. I guess it takes a little practice and I can't wait to eat all these veggies this week and then go back to give it another try :)

If you are in Reims visiting and have a car you should #1 take the back road from Paris-Reims (and not the toll road) and #2 you should stop 8km before Reims here. It could be a cute idea to go to the farm and pick some fresh veggies for a picnic before you get into town. I'm sure the owners would help you wash everything off on site!

Cueillette de Muizon
RN 31 51140 Muizon
tel :03 26 02 99 61


  1. Soooo gorgeous! i am positively green with envy! live it up, girlie :)

  2. that is by far the chicest veggie picking outfit I have ever seen!


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