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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Gold at the End of the Rainbow-Bruno Paillard Champagne

Sooo I have a secret. I am a bit obsessed with Champagne and this is one that probably a lot of American's haven't heard of. The maison is called
Bruno Paillard and the champagne is ahhhhh so crisp, vibrant, different, light and fresh. Bruno Paillard Champagne has been around since 1981 and is "a young, dynamic house that has quickly established a reputation for elegant wines with real style" (www.snooth.com) Hmmm. That must be why I like it :) Also, because the house follows a strict character of quality which is similar to most french products. They only use first pressings, vinify each cru and won a huge Champagne award in 2006 (Ps I love that year for wine).

One of the reasons this champagne is so great other than the flavor is the unique gold color which to me is a dream. It's the perfect meal accompaniment or celebration toaster and is truly the little pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (yet this is a tipsy fantasy and you are pleasantly swaying while leaning on the rainbow for support http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_Qu15clDr-iM/S6jFjhOZJTI/AAAAAAAAEvU/r2xsBlACD8s/s320/leprechaun-gold.jpg).

Joel Robuchon and Bruno Paillard actually partnered together a while back and Joel created 18 or so recipes using Bruno's Champagne. I was pleasantly delighted to see 2 of my favorite people/ products working together. http://www.champagnebrunopaillard.com/Click here, turn the scary music off and go to tasting with Joel Robuchon to see his 18 recipes!! Can't wait to try and make one of these tricky yet most likely oh so delicious concoctions they came up with!

You unfortunately can't taste at Bruno Paillard but you can go there and get the teeny tiny locals discount or I can take you there on a voyage of Champagne. I believe it's 28 or 30 euro a bottle but at a restaurant like Les Crayeres the price is immediatley increased 3x to 80 euro a bottle.

This gem is the Premiere Cuvee Rose. You can def buy it at a local wine shop in Paris and I hope you can get it in the states. If not, out to the Champagne region you come!!

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