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Friday, October 1, 2010

A Hotel Amour Night!

What you eat for dinner says a lot about you- a hippie vegan restaurant by Abbyss says you’re pretty health conscious, whereas a fatty kebab http://www.programme-presidentiel.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/kebab.jpg or suspicious looking crepe made from a Kebab man by Chatelet mean’s either your craving grease, it’s 3 am and you have the after drinking munchies or your just flat out lazy. For a dinner that says you’re hip, artsy and into a bit of a nature scene make it a Hotel Amour night in the 18th.

Hotel Amour is the perfect place to go during a spell of rare nice weather in Paris. When the days are still warm in September the outside terrace covered in colored candles and a jungle of foliage is the place to be. The ol’ wicker chairs and colored tables remind me of an elementary school in the South and the shrubs and trees and flowers are very Californiaesk and pretty freaking cute.

In general it’s an uber relaxing setting for a romantic meal among 2 or a great trendy dinner with a group of friends. The food isn’t out of this world but its bistro food with a bit of twist. Food ranges from classic American artery clogging comfort food like bacon burgers, cheese burgers and Mac and cheese to what reminds me of California influenced healthy creative touches-fig salad with mozzarella, honey and basil (which was incredible) and meatballs with brown rice. Of course there is always French staples like beef tartare with French fries which Im still not brave enough to eat.

I had a great experience at Hotel Amour and would recommend that you check it out! Even the hotel rooms look pretty good.

Infos pratiques

Hôtel Amour

Voir le site web

Contacter ce lieu

8, rue de Navarin 75009 Paris
01 48 78 31 80

Métro 12 Saint-Georges

Everyday from 19h30 until Midnight and from 8h à 15h.

Menu à la carte : 21 €

*** PS didn't mean to be too harsh for those of you that love Parisian kebabs. I am ALL ABOUT a good gyro and I at times love the condiments that come with Kebab but in general I'm not into it.

** Also if it is 3 am I would say instead of going for kebab head over to Le Pied de Cochon and have some traditional pigs feet (which I'm DYING to do at Au Pied De Cochon). It's a tradition I just gotta try.

Pied de Cochon

6 Rue Coquillière
75001 Paris, France
01 40 13 77 00
Open Daily 24 Hours

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