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Friday, September 17, 2010

The Products of the Future

I'm pretty sure that socially responsible businesses are the trend of the future. I'm totally into sites like the one above TWINS FOR PEACE http://www.twinsforpeace.com/ and pretty into KIVA as well. http://www.kiva.org/. I love to see products that inspire others to give back. I heard the other day from a business colleague who set up a great French program that the act of giving is different in Europe. He said that it's much harder to raise money for charitable events than in the US. Seems odd to me b/c I never thought of American's as givers per se.

The photo above shows how Kiva works.

My sisters boyfriend started a company TWINS FOR PEACE http://www.twinsforpeace.com/ similar to TOM's shoes. The idea is BE COOL, BE SMART and if you buy a pair of shoes, they give a pair to a child in a developing country. I love these type of ideas and I think products like this are the wave of the future. The shoes are bright, fun and perfectly simple. Like an updated Ked. I have the red pair and my sister wears the black almost daily with leggings or jeans.

They just got back from donating in Mozambique and are already planning the next donation drop! Check out Twins online or go to Collette in Paris for the new season.

If one day I do open my Mexican to go food stand in Paris I like the idea of social responsibility. For every # chicken taco's bought I'll donate food to a developing country. Maybe not taco's b/c could be hard to transport but basic necessities....

The french company I was talking about earlier is LA Summer School and is from a guy Laurent and is an ingenious European idea as kids here have to decide early what subject they want to study and thus what they want to do for work WAY TOO EARLY!!

His summer school is designed to help yougins try and figure out what in the world they want to do when they grow up. http://www.lasummerschool.fr/

In France you have to pick your subject of study soo early that he allows students at an early age to sleep at Univ. campuses and hear about jobs from real doctors, engineers, artisists, etc. Really like this idea. A different twist on a product that's meant to do good. They have locations in Nantes, like the photos below...

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