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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Best Idea I've heard in a While...

A Honeymoon Registry is one of the best ideas I've heard in a while. I mean I don't know about you but I would much rather have a dinner in Positano or a paid for lunch in a tree hut in South Africa (like I did once in Stellenbauch South Africa at Spier hotel) than a plain, generic, basic cupcake rack. Ok, ok.. I guess I can't really say that b/c I personally would love a cupcake rack if it was cute and artsy b/c I am admittedly slightly obsessed with cupcakes, but I still would rather have a dinner in S. Africa! I mean wouldn't you? http://www.spier.co.za/what_to_do_at_spier/moyo_at_spier/

If your headed down the aisle soon, which I certainly am not, think about putting a honeymoon registry in place instead of a regular one. Seems like a cute/ smart/ witsy idea to me!!

The one below is from my favorite blog A Cup of Joe. http://www.our-honeymoon-registry.com/goddard.williams.1900/list


  1. i totally agree. if you're diggin' it, you might like this site too... it's called www.depositagift.com we are using it with much success :)

  2. That does look really cool. Such a good idea for big birthdays like 60th or 25th!!

  3. Thank you for mentioning the benefits of a honeymoon registry and describing the attributes behind this increasingly mainstream registry option for engaged couples.

    It is great to see how popular the honeymoon registry is becoming. The very first couple that registered with Traveler's Joy was in 2004. It wasn't long until we realized there were a large number of engaged couples that were not satisfied with the diversity of the traditional wedding registry market. Since then, the honeymoon registry has grown to become a mainstream option for brides and grooms and the industry has experienced significant growth.

    We are proud to have helped tens of thousands of couples honeymoon at destinations they may never have considered - a great feeling for our Members and the Traveler's Joy team.

    I encourage you to contact us with any questions about our service. Most importantly, enjoy your honeymoon!

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