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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Culinary Genious of Joel Robuchon

When in the culinary capital of the world, ie. Paris, you should do your best to swindle your way into Joel Robuchon for dinner and experience the work of L'un des chefs les plus connus, s'habille de rouge et noir!

Cuisine in Paris is really almost like a daily dream. Sometimes my sister and I find ourselves walking back from a morning jog at Invalides (yes were probably the only one’s on the street in exercise clothes screaming “American’s here we are.. come and get us”) yet, we both literally can’t believe that we ended up in Paris together surrounded by beauty.

Each day I find myself nearly having to pinch myself as I wander through stores and restaurants FILLED with culinary wonders. Millefuille, tarte de pomme, pomme de terre au daulphinois, gateau d’opera… the list goes on and on. Literally…. I could just keep going and not stop.. but I will if I have to…

Everything is just so freaking tasty, fresh and well done and I adore the precision in the food. How am I not obese again? Small bites, it’s all about small bites, I have to remind myself daily every time a cheese plate gets passed to me... small bites Sydney. Well, Mr. Robochon has mastered the ol’ small bite concept.

Mr Joel Robocohon, one of the most famous chefs in Paris, has created an extrodinary simple atelier filled with an open kitchen and long counter enabling the guests to watch the chefs at work. The atelier is decorated in a chic yet futuristic red and black and after 7 years of random absence from ol Monsieur Robochon. Thankfully he is back from retirement andhas opened this gem in the 7th.

Amongst the enameled black wood furniture and the dark granite ground, there are bottles of spices and transparent jars of preserved vegetables and fruits which create almost a 3rd element type of charm that certainly catches the eye and leaves you a bit mesmerized (or possibly dizzy from all the rich food jiggling around in your belly).

The menu has about thirty mini-dishes allowing you to have the perfect amount of pure luxury; a discovery of the seasons with each bite. Joels work is as if a scientist has mixed colors, flavors and textures into a wonder of miniature culinary creations where you’re able to taste small proportions of typical dishes. I’m talking lobster foam, a perfectly cooked egg with crème and mushrooms and carmalized foie gras with apple puree and truffles.

To accompany the food there is a stellar wine selection with some of my favorite Champagne from Bruno Paillard. The pre set is a must but it will kind of hurt your pocket a bit. It’s 150 euro but its heavenly, I promise. Or, there is always a cheaper lunch. 50 or so euro I believe but you might be stuck in the hotel room after lunch with a stuffed belly.

Monsieur Robochon’s concept is original, the décor is chic and the food is to die for. If you can swindle your way in (its quite hard to get a reservation) you’ll surely love it.

Bon appetit :) xx

Amuse Bouche: Incredible royal crab ravioli with turnip shell
Le Cavier: Smoke Anguille on top of a potato with a flower of horseradish and yogurt- the fish and potato were perfectly firm and the presentation of this dish was incredible. I love the height and array of colors

A glorious soup of green asparagus foam- ah so fresh, light and delicous
A shrimp or crawfish in ravioli with truffle on top of a bed of curly kale. Sooo incredible and airy as well
The egg lightly poached with light cream of chanterelles and some sort of light basil oil at the bottom of the dish. I have no idea how they cooked this but it was super tasty.
Sole with purple artichokes standing upright and a clam with foam: Ahh the artichokes were so delicately cooked here and oh so delicious. The fish was so soft and just feel apart and the clam was glorious and so rich with at touch of cream inside.

Quail stuffed with foie gras and caramelizes with apples served with mashed potatoes topped with a sliver of white summer truffle. God this one was rich and amazing. Best idea in the world to carmelize meat with apples because it creates such a nice rich and sweet coating. I was somehow the only one at the table that likes foie gras so I ordered it. It was an interesting texture stuffed as it was but it was incredible as well.
Small sucking lamb chops with pureed potatoes parsely and fresh thyme flowers
Wild strawberries wrapped around a maple sugar tower with limoncello sorbet accentuated with crunchy graham cracker- there is nothing better than fraises des bois. Seriously I could eat cartons of them everyday and these are so fresh and incredible complemented with the acidic lemon icecream. I also absolutely adore the french plate of various desserts. It's just so well done.

Chocolate Tendency which is Aranguani chocolate, caco icecream, and a Oreo cookie top.
A free extra Chocolate tart with macadamia nut and pistachio crumbles

And of course a bag of salted vanilla bean carmels to take home b/c you're most likely still hungry! Hahah. I think these were one of my fav parts of the meal. They blew my mind...

L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon

- www.joel-robuchon.com
5 Rue de Montalembert, Paris - 01 42 22 56 56

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  1. WOW! That meal looks insanely good! :) xx


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