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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Slight Obsession with Africa and 2010 World Cup

So, i will be the first to admit that I am not even close to a legitimate football fan but its hard not to get super into the World Cup especially when it's in South Africa.

got to watch games on my tiny weeny plasma while cooking a dinner party for 10 and making watermelon gazpacho soup for the first time with cucumber creme fraiche and fried shrimp. The next few times were on a huge big screen in Milan peering down from the top of the duomo, squeezed into a tiny bar in Venice as thunder and rain poured from above, stuffed in a small corner of a bar in an Island called Vis in Croatia (a super fussy version of Germany lose) and lastely in a small italian restaurnat by the real life world or Avitar (Plitvice LakesNational Park in Croatia).

It really is an amazing sport and I'm glad the US got so far and hopefully now more will be invested into football.

I've been lucky enough to make it to Capetown and Stellenbouch a few years ago and I offically have the biggest itch to move to the glorious town of African music, fog that rolls in every afternoon over table moutain and a city with a hilly beautiful coastline with spectactular views of the ocean.

Hopefully my dream will come true soon and I'll be blogging about my new culinary adventures there one day!!! I'm slightly obsessed with these Waka Waka Cameroonian inspired songs which is the repertoire of soldiers in Africa. Super catchy rhythm and how cute is Shakira. Wish I could dance like that.

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