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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Hip French Culinary Market Scene

I love the freshness and abundance of markets in France.

At almost every corner you can find a butcher with a fresh farm raised rack of lamb, a seafood shop with live crab and king salmon, a pastry shop with that oh so delicious 90 cent baguette hot and crispy from the oven, a little fruit stand, a cheese shop with 50 different varieties and a flower stall.

It really is the culinary Mecca of ingredients at your doorstep and is the real deal. America has caught on and started to have markets everywhere but the French markets just feel old school and are for sure the real deal. The only thing they need are more food stalls where ingredients are cooked and you can buy something tasty and hot while meandering around and buying your weeks worth of groceries!

Some of the pics below are from Amien, France where I went for a weekend trip outside of Reims. The market experience here was quite unique as it had lots of African spices and was significantly less expensive than the usual market. As such it was a bit messy but I saw my first albino eggplant which was pretty cool!

I love the somewhat chic marche bio or the organic market in the 6th not far from the bon marche. Its a bit expensive but they have a bunch of food stalls that cook potato pancakes that are pretty good but a bit greesy. They also have really good vegan food and real deal english muffins for eggs benedict!! Its on Blvd Raspail and is Sundays from 8 to 1.

Paris 6e
Marché Bio du Boulevard Raspail
- rue de Rennes à Sèvres Babylone
- Le dimanche matin de 8h à 13h
Marché 100% biologique
- C’est le
marché le plus chic et le plus cher de Paris, mais on y croise des stars et ça, ça n’a pas de prix !

Check out the pics below from various markets in france:

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