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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


This recipe highlights the fabulous french butter from Bretagne. The "culture of butter" as the french like to say is one that dominates France. 85% of the butter in France comes from the regions of Bretagne or Picardie. The crazy thing is that usually when I clarify butter I throw away the white solids. Yet, no, no, no in france when making a clarified butter they SAVE this butter! They say its great on vegetables and in vinagrates with butter. This recipe is rather simple (expect for the double brown butter sauce) and is very flavorful. The presentation is simple and clean.

Parsnip Puree With hazelnuts, dried cherries soft boiled eggs and a double brown butter sauce

Serves 4: 

4 parsnips
1 l of milk or better yet buttermilk
 4 large eggs
 Sea salt
Black pepper (preferably of Nepal). 

Hazelnut butter double 
100 g salted butter 
20 ml water, 
30 cl of the protein or solids from a clarified butter
100 g of fresh unsalted butter
1 c coffee soy lecithin or another emulsifier or stabilizer (known to fight "bad" cholesterol and help with concentration and memory).

Prepare a double hazelnut butter beginning with the clarified butter (melt butter in a water bath or over a double boiler, do not stir, in order to remove the solids that form from the liquid. Separate the white top from the liquid bottom). Cook the butter for 5 minutes until you just start to get a color, then add a touch of water, cook a bit more then add more water and take it off the heat. The evaporating water will help concentrate the butters in the sauce and help with it's consistency and also keep it from burning. Reduce it until it has a hazel color. When done cut up a few slices of salted butter and add it to the sauce. Next take a hand mixer and blend to create a nice foam.

Cook each egg 5-6 mins in boiling water. Put the eggs immediately into ice water to stop the cooking. Then peel the eggs. For the presentation, spoon a large dallop of puree onto each plate and spread out with a spoon. Hit the egg lightly, cracking it slightly and allowing the orange center to ooze out. Season with sea salt and pepper. Cover with the foam of brown butter. Serve.

Chopping up the hazelnuts and dried cherries or cranberries
Separating the solids from the butter

Blending the sauce

Adding the emulsifier to maintain the structure of the sauce

Removing the eggs after the precise 6 minute cooking time and immediately submerging them in an ice bath to stop the cooking

The "art" of plating

Voila the finished dish

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