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Friday, February 3, 2012

The Best of ParisDesChef 2012

The Great Christophe Saintagne (Plaza Athenee 3 Michelin Stars and an Alain Ducasse restaurant- Paris menu at 360€) preparing Foie Gras craquante in a style similar to Chinese Peking Duck with torched duck skin, winter vegetables, black truffle and tea infused bouillon

I was fortunate enough to attend the mother event of all Paris food events this last week, ie ParisDeschef (Paris, France)!

I had a 3 day press pass and was able to watch, taste and learn from the best Chefs in the industry. There were demonstrations, lectures, cooking classes and even wine classes. The week was filled with culinary geniuses like Bertrand Grebaut (Septime Paris), Yannick Alleno (Le Meurice, Paris), the great Alain Passard with whom I am mildly obsessed (L'Arpege, Paris), Christophe Saintagen (Plaza Athenee, Paris), David Kinch (Manresa, SF).

I soaked up every second of the live demo's, atelier's, cooking lessons and wine tasting lessons.

Here's a little glimpse of what was going on:

Puree de Panais au lait ribot, oeuf mollet et beurre double noisette/ Parnip puree with buttermilk, soft-boiled egg and double brown butter. We finely chopped the hazelnuts and the dried cherries
We clarified the butter to remove the liquid from the solids and then actually used the solids to lightly cook the hazelnuts and to make the brown butter sauce
After cooking the parsnips with buttermilk and blending it with a hand blender we plated it. We put a dollop on the plate, and ran a spoon quickly through it to shape it
We then used a spoon and knife to make a line with the almond & dried cherries
We boiled the eggs in salty water for exactly 6 minutes and then removed them, peeled them and set them aside, we then made the Double Brown Butter Cream sauce. The whole recipe can be found in the next blog post. 
Located in Los Gatos, David Kinch is obsessed with California fresh food. A master of simplicity
Genius oyster shell was created by drying fish skin and frying it
Beautiful vegetables- Alain Passard (ie my hero's) color palate. 
Alain Passard of L'arpege Passionately choosing the best veggies of the season. In 1986 Alain Passard opened l'Arpege 3 Michelin Stars with 11 courses for 350€ or lunch for 90€ to 340€. He is famous for being "a great roasting chef" yet since 2000 he has switched his focus to a passion for working with fruits and vegetables. He is truly an inspiration for the new generation of chefs and he has just created a wildly original culinary comic book with his latest recipes!
Carrots, yellow beets, lemon, and butter all softly cooking over medium heat with a small amount of water
The finished veggie dish with shaved radicchio to give a bit of color
Christophe Saintagne (Plaza Athenee, Paris)
A native of Normandy, Christophe Saintagne trained in the Auberge du Vieux Logis in Conteville. He also worked at Hotel Crillon. Here he creates Foie Gras craquante. He wraps foie gras in duck skin and quickly browns it using a blowtorch creating a Chinese influenced Peking duck consistency. At the same time he pan roasted veggies in a duck broth and finely cut black truffle.

Black truffle, Winter Vegetables (Leak, Parsnip, Carrott, Beet)
Finally he infused the Duck broth which he had cooked the veggies in with a tea of fresh herbs and sprinkled sesame seeds over the foie gras

Homemade eclairs
The art of soft boiling eggs
Champagne tasting with Alain Thienot
Tasting a Alain Thienot Brut from 1988
Sushi with the french cheese comte


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