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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Puerto Rico Travels- Top 5 Things to Do

After spending a few quality days doing research of some new small and big Champagne producers to add to my business I was off to Puerto Rico for a week long wedding!

Here are five things that I think you should throw into your next Puerto Rican Adventure:

1. Lots of beach time and a few blended Mango Mojitos while lounging on your beach chair in San Juan.
2. La Concha - For Dinner and Drinks outside on the patio
3. Gambling at the Ritz if that is your thing.
4. Morning Yoga at the Hotel
5. A day or multi-day trip to Culebra or Vieques for some serious relaxation, white sand beaches, wild horses and bright blue water.

Vieques is known as "La Isla Verde" or the Green island and is a 20 min flight or 3 hrs ferry from San Juan. It is home to the largest wildlife Sanctuary in the Caribbean, Over 70% of the islands is protected. You have to check out the W hotel (maybe stop for lunch).

Culebra is the little island a bit closer to San Juan and is famous for Flamenco Beach, Culebrita (largest cay), Dakity Bay-by boat, canoe, Malena (quiet beach part of the Nature Reserve).

Best way to get to either is fly through Capeair or flamenco Air for about $120 roundtrip.

View of the W's private beach
The little jet that takes you to Vieques
Pork Dim Sum roll with White Truffle oil at Buddha Bar on Condado Avenue
The beach outside ESJ hotel
The blue waters of Vieques
W lunch spot
W pool

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