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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Adventures in Truffles in Paris

David comparing his truffle experience to eating "lettuce" or "arugula"?! Really?

I accidentally ordered this plate of cheese and truffles in the middle of a great tasting menu at Saturne the other day. The busboy came by and asked a bit discreetly "Est ce que vous voulez de fromage". I was like "well, yeah, of course we will have same cheese in between courses." That sounds delicious. Next thing I know he was asking if I liked truffles. I mean, who doesn't? Did the man secretly know that I have truffle oil in my cabinet and that I make daily excuses about how truffle oil is the 1 and only condiment that goes with e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g?! I think somehow he did...

I was surprised when this large plate below arrived yet a bit fearful that we had just been snubbed as "tourist" and this little plate of bliss was going to be over 100 euro! Immediately I got a bit fiesty and called the little busboy over (who mind you I had watched chug a few beers in the back of the bar just before courageously approaching our table for this random order). He confirmed the plate was 37 euro, pas mal.

The plate was so huge we ended up accidentally "playing" with our food and taking a series of photos of our adventures with black truffles. David was convinced that the truffles tasted exactly like lettuce, which I think avid truffle fans would not appreciate but shhhh...I do think they lost a "bit" of their luster after eating about 15 of them each :) I crossed my fingers that it wasn't exuberantly expensive and luckily it wasn't. After a 5 hr tasting menu, a plate of truffles and a very antsy little dog under the table, we were pleasantly satisfied and glad we had found a new resto gem.

Restaurant Saturne,
17 rue Notre Dame des Victoires,
Paris, 2nd Métro Bourse
01 42 60 31 90

Lunch menu: 35 €
Dinner, 37 € for 4 course, 59 for 6

Open: Monday through Friday lunch and dinner, wine bar with small plates opening soon

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