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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Les Petites Chaises Art Expo- Paris

"Diving into the miniature world through the creative eyes of Alexandre Mussard, 25 years, you are thrown into a universe filled with poetry and humor which enchants the young and old like…" -Le Figaro, Paris

Alex Mussard is displaying his art in Paris for the next month until the 31st of December. After seeing his 1st exhibit a year ago I was astonished with his new pieces which include huge installations, large sculptures and a quite incredible and mesmerizing revolving Vietnamese hand weaved tent titled "Le Chapiteau"(shown in the video above). His pieces are all almost obsessively fixated on 1 main subject: his miniature, delicate, and perfectly constructed little chair. Prices range from 400 euro-15,000 euro. If you're in Paris the month of December you should really stop by!

Alexandre Mussard : Les Petites chaises

Galerie Antonine Catzéflis - Paris Ier

Du 17 novembre 2010 au 31 décembre 2010.
mar à sam de 12h à 19h.

01 42 86 02 58

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