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Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Absolute Favorite Restaurants/ Wine Bars in San Francisco

Beautiful San Francisco, California is a city renowned for it's eclectic Victorian architecture, Golden Gate Bridge, steep rolling hills, and chilly fog which rolls in across the bay almost nightly. When in this great city make sure to apprecaite some homey San Francisco hot spots and dive into Californian cuisine!

First stop: Ottimista

Perfect Thursday night spot for great wine and cheese plate + neighborhood ambience for visitors.

I love Ottimista and my friends and I have been going here for years. It's won the Best of the Bay Award for 2 years in a row which I'm not surprised at all about. It's consistently a good no frills meal.

At Ottimista you should def sit outside under the heated patio, bring your doggy and snack on the Artisan cheese plate with seasonal accompaniments and toasted walnut levain which is soo yummy and pairs perfectly with a glass of Prosecco (or any other of their 300 wine selections)! Yumm a few cheeses some honey and grapes is just perfect. If you're hungry try the Organic Little Gem Caesar salad with lemonanchovy dressing, reggiano and house made croutons or one of the Pizza's of the day like Organic mushrooms, asparagus, and basil pesto or the Fresh Pappardelle with braised lamb,red wine and Rosemary.The seating inside is very comfortable and the long wood bar is also a nice little social place to sit and have a glass of vino before a night out or even for a small office happy hour.


Ottimista Enoteca'cafe

- www.ottimistaenoteca.com
1838 Union Street, San Francisco - (415) 674-8400

Note : 3,5 sur 5,0

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Second stop: Kokkari

I Love, Love, Love Kokkari! It's a locals absolute favorite restaurant in SF. So fresh, beautiful and delicious!

Nothing beats the Grilled Octopus - with lemon, oregano & olive oil and the Melitzanosalata, Taramosalata, Tzatziki, Favosalata or Tirosalata small plates with the amazing housemade grilled pita - for $6.5 each are all incredible. I'm not quite sure how they make their pita but it is perfectly thick and ohhh soo good. You have to try it! I would love to get the recipe to make it. I also seriously could eat the Grilled Lamb Riblets - with lemon & oregano -every single day of my life and I'm not even a lamb fan. I think if a restaurant can take a meat that you normally really don't enjoy and make you a die hard believer I think they are definitely doing something right!!

Third stop: Globe Restaurant

I love Globe! Sit at the bar, have a house made Cosmo from the Bartenders own home stewed cherries and enjoy!!

Globe is up there as one of my favorites in SF. It's a perfect small charming little gem in the financial district. I love to just sit at the bar with one or two friends and enjoy. The bartender really makes the most amazing cosmo's.

 I especially love the salad lardon: frisee with warm bacon vinaigrette and poached chick eggs. It is the perfect salad and the saltiness of the bacon with the softness of the poached eggs is just glorious. Also the macaroni and Tillamook cheese side and Brussel sprouts and capers are incredible. I love the new trend of tart, rustic roasted brussel sprouts and tangy capers. Sounds like an odd combo but its utterly scrumptious! 

Also order the pizza's if you can. I love the wild mushroom and black truffle oil pizza and the sopressata with egg sunnyside up. Egg on pizza is just a must.


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  1. I can't believe I'v never been to kokkari & the globe is definitely on my list of places to try! bar jules tonight!!
    miss you my fellow food enthusiast. gros bisous. xo


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