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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Perfect Day trip from Paris: Champagne Tasting and The Reims Christmas Market

It's that time of year when bright glistening lights bling at your eyeballs and glitter and sappy Christmas music plays unavoidably on loud speakers in the center of town. Yup Christmas season is about to start and that means a mean Christmas market in the Champagne region!! Ok, so actually the mayhem starts after Thanksgiving but that time is almost upon us!

A little video so you can see what it's like. Sorry, it's in french.

It's pretty cool to walk around, sample a bunch of local food and buy some presents for home. My tip is to get a glass of mulled alcoholic wine to 1) warm you up a little and 2) get u a bit typsy and thus ready to sing along to "It's a beautiful Christmas" in the background as you do a bit of mild Christmas shopping :) After walking around for an hour definitely end the excursion with a hot chocolate nutella crepe. The market is a great excuse to taste a little of the gout en champagne :)

I'll be adding this little market to Champagne trips the next month. So if your out in France and want to taste some private local bubbly with small producers in their living room and then tour around a traditional Chritmas market and buy some local products to bring home email me :)


The market is the Reims Christmas Market and it has over 120 small gastronomic, artisanal and festive products on display. It runs through the 24th of Nov to 24th of December.

You should definitely try and squeeze it in to your next trip to France!

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