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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Parisian Japanese Meal Among Friends!

Ahh Japanese food. Healthy, fresh, exotic with a bit of a bite to it. Oh how I adore thee... I think maybe I could eat it everyday. I always wondered in Hawaii how Japanese people were used to eating rice, drinking miso and eating seaweed for breakfast. I think that is the only part I maybe couldn't do. Well...maybe I could if I was living in Japan. I mean how great would it be to live in Kyoto and every April be surrounded by hundreds of flowering cherry blossoms trees like the pic below? I could def do that. I think it is such a great food culture and I'm amazed by how much fish the Japanese eat and how long the Japanese live!

Japanese Breakfast

I had the pleasure of eating yesterday with 2 great friends from my MBA program who are from Tokyo, Japan. They just moved into a beautiful flat in the 8th arrondissement in Paris by Madeline and we had the most delicious "real deal" meal:

Pate de Canard avec Fig + Olive followed by Dow de Canard avec soup de la miso et pour dessert chevre de une fermier (Fois Gras with Fig and Olive and Seared Duck with Leeks over white rice with lemon pepper wasabi sauce and homemade miso soup with seaweed). We also had incredible truffle salt from Japan that was so delicious and we sprinkled it over our fois gras toasts. Such a rich french/japanese meal!

During dinner my friends told me a cute story about the combo of leeks and duck. They explained that leeks and ducks are a perfect combination and go back centuries in ancient Japanese culture. There are stories and stories about ducks carrying leeks on their backs. Soo cute. It really is a great flavor combination.

I think I should end this post by naming it abracadabrantesque which is one of the longest french words I have ever heard. I mean speaking french is hard enough and then they have to come up with words like this?! Really? I think Americans struggle enough with franglish that this just isn't necessary! Anyways, we drank a tasty bottle of red wine titled this and couldn't stop attempting to repeat this over and over. It was pretty funny. It reminds me of the english super duper long word supercalifragilisticexpialidocious http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4b-Z0SSyUcw from Mary Poppins!! Hahahah. That movie was just on my flight from the US. Weird...

Here is the aperitif we had:
And the Entree:

Le plat principal
Really good Champagne from a small house in Reims: Drappier

Amazing French Red Wine with an incredible Name!

Very Tasty Farm fresh goat cheese for dessert- only in France would you consistently eat cheese for dessert

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