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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A True French Wedding

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while but I have a ton to write about. I had the glorious occasion of attending my first french wedding this weekend. Let me tell you they know how to wedding in France. It was a truly great experience and if anyone is thinking of planning a destination wedding I think you should throw Laon, France into the list! http://www.domaine-du-mont-rouge.abcsalles.com/prive/en/fiche.php?o=&k=&n=10627&iddem=

The wedding between 2 MBA classmates, an Ivory Coast friend Michelle and a Frenchie- Sebastien started with the ceremony in a beautiful ancient Cathedral in Laon and was followed by a short car ride to Mount Rouge Manor where we dropped off our stuff in the side house which slept over 30 and were greeted with yummy hors d'oeuvres (executed with french precision) and bottles and bottles of local Jacquart Champagne. This was followed by a 5 course meal until 1 am (including lobster salad below), dancing until 6 am, a few hours of sleep and a huge brunch with lots of french cheese and a few mid course strolls in the grassy lawn filled with apple trees until 5pm. Sounds incredible right?

I love these super inexpensive yet chic little spoons and cups to serve appetizers in. So very french!

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  1. Thank you Sydney :) We are so glad you appreciated everything and shared our happiness. Among our MBA team, one question needs an answer : Who's next ?


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