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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ahh.....The Beauty of French Cheese and Baguette

3 Cheese Recommendations

Sometimes I forget where I am. Yet last Sunday I gave myself a quick reminder as the beauty of a newly discovered Church and exquisite french cheese instantly lifted my spirits. I swear this year, moving alone to France, is meant to test every inch of my being. Yet, my little solo adventure in the market on a gray cold day in France was enough to lift me out of my somber state and help me realize the beauty of where I'm currently living :)

The market was the Jean Jaures Market in Reims and it was walking distance from the Cathedral. If you're in Reims for the weekend might be a good idea to stop by one of the daily fresh markets before 1400 and buy some things for a picnic on a bench by the Cathedral. I sware the back benches give you the most amazing view. Here is website that lists all the markets. http://www.reims-tourism.com/tourism-office-of-reims/practical-information.aspx

Delice de Bourgogne-(below)

I strolled around the Sunday market last weekend, bought some fresh vegetables, some eggs and lastly stopped by the little Cremerie Bruck (0681855488) and chose 3 delicatable looking cheeses for 6 euro. It was really almost a blind purchase as I had no idea what I was choosing yet it turned out beautifully.

I bought an ever so creamy Delice (which must have been a good choice because the lady behind me took some as well) a cumin seed infused Tomme Savoie Bauges and lastly a petite hunk of Langres. The Delice de Bourgogne is triple cream cheese that is incredibly rich, soft and sultry. I could barely put this one down and Im surprised there was enough left over to save some in the fridge :)

The 2nd cheese, Tomme Savoi Bauges (pictured in the top of the page) is only produced in the French alps. It's uncooked, pressed and semi hard and made of raw cow's milk. It's filled with small holes and the one I bought had cumin seeds in it as well.

The last cheese, the Langres, has a very strong smell as it comes from the family of Epoisses and Munster. I'm afraid if your not a cheese person you probably wouldn't like this one. Yet, if you can handle the slight pungent fumes the Langres melts in your mouth and has quite a complex taste. It's made in the high plains of Champagne. Its origin is traced back to the 18th century. There is a slight impression in the top of cheese so you can actually pour Champgne into it. Amazing idea but not quite sure how it would work and where the champagne would trip into...I'll leave that one to your imagination :)

I stopped into one of the few boulangeries open on Sunday on the way home and bought a baguette to eat with my new purchases. I ate a good 1/4 of it before I even walked into my apartment door :)

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