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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cute Vintage

I know that sometimes you wander into a vintage clothing store and find yourself loving a few pieces but leaving empty handed because you are innately turned off by the fact that the cute sweater you were about to buy smells like your 87 year old grandpa. I indeed have the same problem. Yet, I know that I need to get over it because I am slowly developing a euphemism for old elegant clothes from decades earlier that have timeless design.

I heart this vintage clothing company, Nadinoo. It's from British designer, Nadia Izruna and celebrates women of the past decades. Her clothing mixes the perfect combination of femininity, style, trend and chicness. I love the colors, materials and frills. If you feel like you are in a clothing slump you could definitely add some uniqueness to your wardrobe + life with a few of these mignon little pieces.


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